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Travel Tips

Golf Clubs
There is no better time than the summer to hit the links, so here are a few tips for traveling with golfing gear. Fertilizers used on many golf courses can trigger explosives trace detection equipment. Before flying clean off clubs. Also remember to pack clubs in a travel bag and consider leaving it unlocked.
Lotions, Spray and Foods
Outdoor enthusiasts will pack sun tan lotion, bug repellant and other skin care products. In general, it is fine to pack these items in either checked or carry-on bags, but travelers should check with their airline before flying with aerosol canisters as some canisters are flammable. Summer travelers who want to bring back favorite foods from their destination can do so, but should know that some food products might cause your checked-bag to be screened for security reasons. Pack food products in carry-on bags.
Contacting you while on vacation...
With the airlines cutting back on many flights, schedule changes are happening every day. If we and the airline do not have a contact for you at your vacation destination, we have no way of telling you if a flight has been cancelled or changed. Providing us with a number where you are staying will help us to accommodate you and get you home safely. Also, calling the airline 24 to 48 hours before you are scheduled to come home will assure you of any change in your itinerary.
New check-in times for airports.
In light of recent happenings, airports have extended their check-in times from 1 hour to 1½-2 hours for domestic flights and up to 3 hours for international flights. Allow plenty of time for longer lines at ticket counters. Also, allow more time for the longer lines at security.
Family memories last a lifetime, and so should photos and videos. Passengers traveling with undeveloped film should pack these items in their carry-on bags. Checked baggage screening equipment will damage or destroy undeveloped film.
Insurance is a must!
Travel Insurance is always recommended these days. More>>>
Can I take it with me?
Since 9/11, restrictions for carry on items have changed. More>>>
Passport fees. More>>>

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